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When Signs of Domestic Abuse Are Noticed Too Late

The Arizona Republic details the signs of domestic abuse in the family life of Lisa Mederos and J.T. Ready, which recently ended an apparent murder-suicide. Police are characterizing the killings as a “domestic violence incident.”Ms. Mederos had called police twice, the second time only moments before her death. The couple’s public demeanor appeared fairly normal (as is often the case).

They walked their dogs and were seen shopping together. But Ready had a record of trouble with women, including former protection orders. It is unknown whether she was aware of that history. Neighbors describe him as “short-tempered, cocky, cruel and controlling.” A horrific murder is, sadly, one possible outcome of violence in the home, but there are many alternatives.

It is important to know your alternatives. There are always warning signs, but not everyone sees them, admits them, or connects the dots. Because domestic violence can escalate quickly to a life-threatening situation, you should not delay, whether it is your own situation or that of a loved one. You need experienced legal counsel from a Phoenix family law attorney to help guide you.