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How Divorce Will Affect Your Medical Insurance

One of the benefits of getting married is sharing things with your new spouse. Instead of two rent payment to make, there is only one. The same is true of cable, electricity, gas and water bills. Married couples benefit from sharing legal and financial assets and health and insurance policies as well. When a couple is married and both are working, couples usually cover one another under the better health insurance policy. When a couple files for divorce, they split up their assets. However, there are some assets they have enjoyed during their married life, that cannot be split, and one of those assets is health insurance.

When a couple is going through a divorce, the spouse that is covered by his or her soon to be ex-spouse’s health insurance, needs to contact the human resources department of his or her company as soon as divorce proceedings begin to start the process of obtaining health coverage under the company. Once divorced, you no longer can remain under your ex-spouse’s health insurance. Any children in the marriage can still be covered under the other parent’s insurance policy. A non-employee spouse may be able to obtain COBRA insurance after a divorce, but this type of insurance only lasts up to 36 months.

Although a divorcing individual may be able to obtain COBRA health insurance, they are encouraged by divorce professionals to obtain health insurance as soon as possible because, should a major health problem develop during the divorce proceedings, a new insurance company may charge a higher premium or may deny coverage as well. When going through a divorce, it is very important to discuss health insurance and any other issues with your Phoenix family law attorney, so that he can determine the best way to ensure that your health is covered during and after the divorce.