Termination of Parental Rights in Arizona

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Family law is a complex area of the law in Arizona, and almost every case requires the attention and assistance of a highly experienced legal representative. At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we are Phoenix divorce lawyers that can help in your family law case. Our founding attorney, Steven N. Cole, has received numerous awards throughout his years in practice, one such award is inclusion in the Arizona Bar Foundation Top 50 Pro Bono Attorneys of Arizona every year since 2001.

When you are facing termination of parental rights, or you believe the other parent of your child is not fit to maintain parental rights, we are here to help. With years of experience on our side and a thorough knowledge of the law, we can help to ensure the best interests of your child are being upheld. Let us work with you to pursue the best course of action and fight for your rights as a parent.

Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights

Arizona law takes parent-child relationships seriously, and it takes the well-being of the child even more seriously. Because of this, there are several different circumstances in which you could lose your parental rights. Essentially, the grounds for termination of these rights are if the parent is found to be abusive or incompetent.

Specific cases where parental rights could be terminated include:

  • Child abandonment
  • Willful neglect or physical abuse of the child
  • The parent suffers from a mental illness or history of neglect or abuse
  • The father fails to file a paternity claim
  • The parent is incarcerated, and thus, no longer able to care for the child

An addiction to alcohol or drugs will impair a parent's ability to care for children, and sometimes, a parent's mental stability may be a problem. If you are concerned about your child's safety, contact Steven N. Cole, LLC for an initial consultation. Our divorce lawyer in Phoenix will provide vigorous litigation to help you protect your children under any circumstances.

Is your child being abused?

Because abuse, neglect, or abandonment could harm a child physically and emotionally, the court will act in the child's best interest when a case is brought forth. Whatever the situation, we are here to help. We will pursue your case assertively to protect your child's well-being and your rights as a parent. In some cases, one parent may seek the termination of another parent's child custody and visitation rights on the grounds that the accused parent did not "maintain a normal parental relationship with the child." In other cases, one parent may accuse the other of outright child abuse.

If you believe that the other parent of your child is abusive or too incompetent to care for your child, we are here to help. We know the laws concerning parental rights, and we know what it takes to help ensure the safety of your children. At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we have been serving local residents for more than two decades, we have helped achieve the results that our clients have needed in the past, and we will implement these same effective procedures in your case.

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Cases that involve child abuse, abandonment, and neglect deserve the most aggressive legal tactics available. Our firm has been achieving results for our clients for many years. We know how to utilize our many resources to effectively investigate your case, and we know how to achieve results in the courtroom. Attorney Steven Cole dedicates 90% of his practice to litigation alone, so he knows what is effective in the courtroom and what is not.

When you choose us, we will offer an open and honest evaluation of your case, including possible strategies you could pursue and an assessment of your legal standing. Get a case evaluation from Steven N. Cole, LLC today, and have your case evaluated by a Phoenix family law attorney with decades of experience. When you are ready, contact our office for the representation that you need.