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Arizona family law is complicated and requires the assistance of a skilled attorney in any given case. As a step parent, it is crucial that you understand your rights to visitation with any step children you may have in the case of divorce. At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we understand the various complicated laws, we know your rights, and we know how to help you achieve the results that you want for your future and the future of your family.

For more than two decades, Attorney Steven Cole has been serving local Phoenix residents in various family law cases. When you choose us, you are choosing an experienced law firm that takes the time to provide each client with the personalized representation that they need. We understand the complex matters that you are facing, and we know how to help you. Let us work with you to determine your goals, and to begin pursing the results that you need.

Your Rights as a Step Parent in Arizona

In many divorce cases, the judge or your ex may not think about your rights as a step-parent. Your relationship with a step-child is just as important to you as it would be to a biological parent. It is important to know that if the child's biological parent is abusive or neglectful, the court will always act in the child's best interest. Courts may terminate the biological parent's rights.

Arizona law states that, if the child lives in an environment that would be detrimental to his or her emotional and physical well-being, another adult may petition for legal custody. As a step-parent, you can pursue legal solutions to preserve your relationship with a child, and our firm can provide you with the options available to you, as well as the legal help to get through this process.

As a step-parent, you could:

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