Modification & Enforcement of Court Orders

Legal Representation with Decades of Experience

For more than two decades, Steven N. Cole, LLC has been representing local residents in family law matters. We have achieved favorable results for our clients in the past, and we will utilize these same effective resources and strategies when you choose us. Divorce and family law matters in Arizona are very serious, and we know how to build the case that you need!

When you are facing a serious family law matter, you need a Phoenix family law attorney who is dedicated to your success and is willing to take the time to get involved in your situation. Our firm offers evening and weekend appointments because we recognize the need for custom representation. When you choose us, your case is our number one priority, and helping you achieve the results you need is our main focus.

How to Obtain a Modification of Your Court Order

Among the many elements of a divorce:

  • Alimony
  • Visitation
  • Support benefits

While these are generally very beneficial in the short-term, life goes on and circumstances change over time. After time has lapsed, you may find that the alimony you receive is no longer adequate, or you need an adjustment to your visitation rights due to a change of career. Whatever the circumstance, our lawyers are here to help you gain the modification that you need.

When you are ready, our Phoenix family law attorney will file the necessary documentation showing the financial or physical changes that have occurred, and the necessity for a modification to be granted by the court. We know how to gather the right evidence, and we know what a court would consider a reasonable modification in any given circumstance. Essentially, we know how to achieve results in this area.

Elements that may allow for modification:

  • Change in pay status or career
  • Job relocation
  • Change in marital status
  • Age of the child or children

Enforcing the Terms of Your Divorce

There may be times when you need to have your original divorce decree enforced. An uncooperative ex may deny your visitation rights, and thus, stand in the way of your relationship with your children. There may be cause to go to court not only to have your visitation rights enforced, but also to pursue litigation regarding parental alienation.

Changes in your circumstances can also affect your relationships with your children. If your spouse wishes to move, it could lead to parental relocation disputes. In some cases, you may find that your ex is not providing proper care and supervision, which could necessitate changes to child custody and visitation.

Case Evaluation from an Aggressive Maricopa County Attorney

After a divorce, your ex-spouse may not be cooperative. At Steven N. Cole, LLC, our Phoenix divorce lawyer can defend your relationships with your children and protect your financial standing relentlessly. We can explore every possible legal option available to you to handle your case as effectively as possible.

If your ex refuses to comply with your divorce agreement, get help from an experienced family law attorney. Failing to comply with a court order is a serious offense – especially if children are involved. At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we offer aggressive legal strategies that will help you defend your right to see your children. Get a case evaluation from our aggressive family law attorneys.