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At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we help parents get reunited with their children. We have worked with CPS in a number of instances to help parents get custody of their loved ones again. If you are seeking custody of your child, contact us for an initial consultation. We will provide honest, straightforward answers about your legal standing under Arizona law.

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After facing tough times, one of the most frightening experiences you can have is the loss of your child to the state. Once Child Protective Services comes to your door, the state can be very unforgiving. Losing custody of your children or having your rights as a parent terminated is heartbreaking-you know that you are responsible for their care, no matter where they are. And most of all, you love them.

If you are trying to get custody of your child again, a number of factors will be reviewed in a juvenile dependency action, such as:

  • The need for a child to receive proper and effective parental care
  • The ability of the parent to care for the child's physical needs, including food, clothing, and shelter
  • Whether a home has a history of abuse or neglect

At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we know that your child is your most prized possession. With years of practice in Arizona family law, Steven Cole will work aggressively to win your case. We offer case evaluation to help you understand your rights as a parent.

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In some cases, there may be a reason for a juvenile to be emancipated from parental custody, and usually involves parental permission (or, in some cases, the omission of parental responsibilities). A child is said to be "partially" emancipated if the emancipation is of a limited duration. A "complete" emancipation means that the legal relationship between parent and child has been dissolved.

If you are facing a legal issue that involves juvenile emancipation, our Phoenix family law attorneys can help. We will discuss all legal options available to you, and help you determine a sound course of action as you move forward with your case. Contact us for an initial consultation today.