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Bitter divorces can leave an aftermath of hurt feelings and severed relationships. Some former spouses will seek revenge not only on their ex, but also on their ex's parents. Your former son- or daughter-in-law may take advantage of legal circumstances to shut you out of your grandchild's life. For example: If your own child has lost custody and visitation rights, the other parent may use that as an excuse to deny you access to your grandchildren.

In some cases, it's a simple matter of making sure that your grandchildren get the care and attention you would want them to have. If your son or daughter is unable to take care of your grandchildren, you want to keep their care within the family. It's not desirable to have someone outside your family raise them-they may not hold dear the same values that you would want to pass on to your grandkids. Foster parents or adoptive parents may not care for them as much as you do.

If you are seeking the right to see your grandchildren after your child has been divorced, Steven N. Cole, LLC can help. Our Phoenix grandparents rights lawyers pursue your rights relentlessly so that you can keep one of your most valuable relationships-the one you have with your grandchildren-intact.

Get a free case evaluation from Steven Cole or Kelley Durham. We offer aggressive legal tactics to help you fight for your rights as grandparent. We will pull out all the stops and explore every possible legal option under Arizona law to protect your relationship with your grandchildren.

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Under Arizona law, there are a number of considerations the court will make when providing you with access to your grandchild, such as:

  • The relationship that you have had with your grandchild(ren) historically
  • Your motivations for seeking access to your grandchild
  • The motivations of the person denying you access to your grandchild
  • The amount of visitation time for which you are asking, and its impact on your grandchild's daily routine
  • The advantages to the child of maintaining relationships with extended family, if one or both parents are deceased

Don't let one of your most prized relationships be diminished by vengeful parents or unfortunate circumstances. At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we understand how much you love your grandchildren. Contact us today for a free consultation. We will review your case and provide open and honest answers about your legal standing under Arizona law.