The Divorce Process in Arizona

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If you are considering divorce, you'll need to protect your rights. Whether you plan to settle matters in an uncontested divorce or require stronger legal action to ensure that your interests are maintained, a Maricopa County divorce lawyer is essential to helping you make the most of the divorce process. At Steven N. Cole, LLC, we have assisted families with the divorce process for more than 20 years and more than are equipped to handle your case.

Beginning the Divorce Process in Phoenix

To initiate a divorce, you must file the appropriate paperwork with your county's Superior Court. This will begin the legal process, allowing you to begin settling the terms of your divorce. Once the other spouse has responded to the terms of your petition, you can request temporary orders for your family. These will govern interaction between both spouses as you work out the terms of your divorce.

Depending on your circumstances, temporary orders may include:

Once administered, these terms will remain in effect until the divorce is settled. Our firm can help you seek a temporary ruling that fits your needs, and will continue to provide counsel as you work toward a more permanent arrangement of these terms.

Settling the Terms of Your Divorce

Before you can proceed to settle the terms of your divorce, both parties must divulge any information that is relevant to your case. This process, called the discovery process, is vital to determining the facts of your case. If your spouse is uncooperative, we can ask for a court order to compel them to comply. When both parties have acquired all necessary information, they can proceed to resolve the terms of their divorce.

Choosing the Route of an Uncontested Divorce

Couples are encouraged to settle out of court in an uncontested divorce. Those who still get along and can agree on the parameters of their divorce will benefit themselves as well as their families.

Advantages of an uncontested divorce include:

  • Reduced legal fees
  • Less time spent in litigation
  • Minimal stress for your children

While an uncontested divorce is recommended for most couples, it is not always possible. In the event that your differences cannot be resolved out of court and your divorce becomes contested, your divorce will go to trial. Quality representation is vital to securing a ruling that preserves your interests and protects your children.

Qualified Representation You Can Trust

If you are considering divorce, or if your spouse has filed a petition divorce, our firm is ready to provide the counsel you need. When you work with Steven N. Cole, LLC, we will offer honest and detailed answers about your legal options. Our divorce attorney knows when to approach a case peacefully, but also has the confidence and know-how to move ahead aggressively if your case warrants it.

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